2nd January - Bullfinch seen in Sycamore Avenue.

2nd January - Goldcrest seen Willington Road.

6th January - Flock of redwings in field off Willington Road near Mercia Marina.

6th January - Flock of fieldfares seen in same field near Mercia Marina.

7th January - Flock of fieldfares on garden lawn Aults Close eating apples put out for blackbirds!!

10th January - Jay seen in field by Hicklin Bridge, Stenson on Trent and Mersey Canal.

10th January - Flock of fieldfares in garden on Aults Close.

20th January - 2 Fieldfares in rear garden Burton Road.

21st January - Redwing in rear garden Burton Road.

22nd January - Bullfinch on bird feeder in rear garden Burton Road.

 24th January - Green Woodpecker seen in Stanhope Wood.

24th January - Snowdrop in Stanhope Wood - only one but it's a start!

 28th January - Heron fishing in Doles Brook, Common Piece Lane.

29th January - Yellowhammer seen near Hicklin Bridge, Stenson.

29th January - Buzzard sitting in tree in field between Willington Road and Trent and Mersey Canal.

 30th January - 2 Jays seen on the canal towpath between Hicklin Bridge and the railway bridge.  Let's hope it's a successful breeding pair.

30th January - for the RSPB Garden Birdwatch seen from 11 am in one hour in Sycamore Avenue: 2 blackbirds, 2 blue tits, 6 Long tailed tits, 1 robin, 1 collared dove, 2 dunnocks, 1 magpie, 2 coal tits, 3 starlings, 1 greenfinch and a wood pigeon.  Did you take part, what did you see?

30th January - clump of snowdrops on the towpath near the Ballast Hole Pond.  Spring is on the way!!

31st January - fox stalking a hare in the field opposite the kennels in Common Piece Lane.








2nd February - Mistle Thrush in Sycamore Avenue.

6th February - snowdrops out along the canal towpath.  Spring is on the way!!

9th February - Red Admiral butterfly in flight Heath Lane bridge over the A50.

10th February - Bullfinch (female) in garden Sycamore Avenue.

10th February - Primrose Stanhope Hole Conservation Area, another sign of spring on the way.

11th February - Great Spotted Woodpecker and Mistle Thrush Common Piece Lane.

12th February - pair of Bullfinches on bird table in back garden Burton Road, Findern.

19th February - heron on the roof of house in Cloverslade eyeing pond in back garden!!

21st February - 8 Brown Hares in a field near Cardales Wildflower Meadow.

23rd February - Snowdrops on the bank at Cardales Wildflower Meadow and in Cote Close Bird Sanctuary.

24th February - Primrose on the canal towpath at the Ballast Hole Pond.

24th February - Skylark heard and 2 Buzzards and a Green Woodpecker seen near Hicklin Bridge, Stenson.

26th February - Burton Road - Sparrowhawk caught a Great Tit then landed on lawn in back garden to eat it!!

27th February - Linnet (female) on nyger seed feeder in back garden Sycamore Avenue.

28th February - 2 Green Woodpeckers seen on service road leading to A50 bridge Crow Park Way.







1st March - Gorse flowering and wild daffodils and Butterbur out along the canal towpath.

1st March - Great Spotted Woodpecker in tree on towpath near Mercia Marina Pond.

2nd March - Sparrowhawk in back garden Burton Road, now a regular visitor.

3rd March - Aults Close, Sparrowhawk sitting on bird feeder watching hedge full of chattering sparrows, no luck this time he flew off empty taloned!!! 

3rd March - large flocks of Redwing and Fieldfares in field near Cardales Meadow on Crow Park Way.

4th March - Cowslip on Cardales Bank, first one seen this year, spring is coming!!

10th March - Aults Close, male Sparrowhawk seen to catch and eat a male blackbird on the back lawn. Watched it for half an hour and although sad for the blackbird what a fantastic bird the sparrowhawk is!!

11th March - Stoat seen near the A50 underpass on Crow Park Way.

12th March - Woodpecker heard hammering away in the churchyard, couldn't see it so don't know which one.  If you know which one do let us know.

13th March - 7 frogs frolicking in back garden pond in Aults Close.  Another sign of spring on the way.

17th March - 9 (yes 9) buzzards flying over Aults Close at about 11 am.

18th March - Large white butterfly in Stanhope Wood.

18th March - Small tortoiseshell butterfly on Common Piece Lane.

20th March - Brown hare in Cardales Meadow.

20th March - Green woodpecker Stanhope Hole.

20th March - Frogspawn in Stanhope Hole Pond.

20th March - Peewit in field near Hicklin Bridge, Stenson.

20th March - Skylark heard singing over field near Hicklin Bridge, Stenson.

20th March - Flock of fieldfares in flight over field near Hicklin Bridge, Stenson.

21st March - Frogspawn in garden pond Aults Close, first this year.

21st March - 2 newts in wildlife pond in garden Aults Close, first sighting since pond installed 2 years ago.

26th March - 2 Oystercatchers in the field opp Mercia Marina Pond on Willington Road.









 5th April - Male Bullfinch on bird feeder in garden Doles Lane.

7th April - Several swallows in a field Findern Lane, Willington (summer's on the way!).

7th April - Yellowhammer and Chiff chaff Willington Road near the junc with Heath Lane.

7th April - Kestrel Willington Road near the cattery.

7th April - 2 buzzards over the A50 off Willington Road.

8th April - Lots of Snake's-head Fritillariesby Stanhope Hole Pond, never seen as many as this here before.

10th April - 5 buzzards over Sycamore Avenue.

10th April - Heron on roof of house Sycamore Avenue.

12th April - Pair of Bullfinches on bird feeder in back garden Aults Close.

 21st April - House martins arriving in numbers.

22nd April - Jack by the Hedge and Queen Anne's lace seen by the gate in Common Piece Lane.

26th April - Woodpecker seen to have made a hole in an ash tree near the railway line in Stanhope Wood.




2nd May - 8 am fox seen at the bottom of the steps on the causeway (near Stanhope Wood) with a rabbit in it's mouth.  Good day for the fox, not so for the rabbit!

2nd May - 2 jays, 2 green woodpeckers and a sparrowhawk seen in Stanhope Wood.

2nd May - Song thrush seen at the Ballast Hole Pond.

4th May - 3 pied wagtails seen in Cote Close.

7th May 5am - Dawn chorus walk down Common Piece Lane along canal towpath to the Nadee and then back to the village for a fantastic breakfast in the Methodist Chapel.  Lots of birds seen and even more heard including: blackbird, robin, chiff chaff, dunnock, wren, song thrush, pheasant, great tit, whitethroat, blue tit, garden warbler, jackdaw, carrion crow, willow warbler, reed bunting, buzzard, skylark, moorhen, bullfinch, pied wagtail, grey partridge, blackcap, yellowhammer, goldfinch, greenfinch and rook.  A moorhen has nested on the Ballast Hole Pond and has 2 young with her.  Also saw a peregrine falcon on top of one of the cooling towards at Willington Power Station.  Altogether a brilliant time was had by all and I'm sure we'll do another one so watch out for the posters.

7th May pm - group members came across an injured barn owl in the wet area of Crow Park Way.

8th May - Injured barn owl found in the wet area of Crow Park Way - see News page.

16th May - Barn owl in field adj to canal btwn railway bridge and Hicklin Bridge.

17th May - Barn owl in field adj to canal btwn railway bridge and Hicklin Bridge.

25th May am - Heron flying over Hillside area, is he eyeing up the fish in your garden pond?

25th May - Jay on the corner of West Lawn and Hillside.

30th May - Partridge Stanhope Wood.








1st June - 8.30 am, just seen a sparrowhawk fly over Aults Close with a small bird in its talons, unable to see what the prey was.

1st June - Cinnabar moth seen by the low bridge adjacent to the canal.

2nd June - Green Woodpecker nesting in ash tree in Stanhope Wood now has young in the nest.

3rd June early am - Red legged partridge seen with 10 young in Common Piece Lane.

3rd June  pm - Red legged partridge and 8 young seen in Stanhope Wood.  Not known if this is the same family as above.

3rd June pm - Lot of reed warblers heard singing in the wet area of Crow Park Way.

3rd June - Common Spotted Orchid and Southern Marsh Orchid seen in Stanhope Wood.

3rd June - Southern Marsh Orchid seen on Cote Close Bank.

3rd June pm - Ghost Moth seen junc of Common Piece Lane and Crow Park Way.

7th June - female Bullfinch on garden feeder Sycamore Avenue.

10th June - male Bullfinch on garden feeder Sycamore Avenue

11th June - Jay in garden Sycamore Avenue.

11th June - 2 Oystercatchers in field adj to canal near Mercia Marina.

13th June - Adult Jay and 3 young on footpath between A50 bridge over Heath Lane and King George V playing field.

17th June - Reed Warbler seen singing in small reed bed near the canal.

17th June - 4 Stock Doves in a small field adjacent to Cardales Wildflower Meadow.

17th June - Green Woodpecker seen feeding in the same small field.

17th June - Common Spotted Orchid on Stanhope Hole bank near the Stanhope Wood information board.

18th June - Pineapple Weed and Field Pansy on towpath near Hickling Bridge (Bridge 20).

18th June - Meadow Crane's-bill on Stanhope Wood Bank.

21st June - Dead Mole in Stanhope Wood.








Nice patch of Meadow Rue spotted in a field on the Priory Way walk.

2nd July - Toad on the new path between Hicklin Bridge, Stenson and the railway bridge.

5th July - 10 species of butterfly seen along the canal towpath including:- Comma, Gatekeeper, Brimstone and Small Copper.

13th July - Oystercatcher in the field adjacent to the railway cottages on Findern Lane, Willington.

16th July - Young Mistle Thrush in a back garden in Aults Close.

18th July - Great Spotted Woodpecker in back garden in Aults Close.

21st July - Coal Tit in back garden in Aults Close.

23rd July - During the 'canal circuit' walk today 14 species of butterly were spotted:- small skipper, large white, small white, green veined white, small copper, brown argus, red admiral, small tortoiseshell, peacock, meadow brown, comma, speckled wood, gatekeeper and an unidentified blue (possibly a common or a holly). Can you add any others?

26th July - Mistle Thrushes in the field opp Clovermead Kennels on Common Piece Lane.

26th July - Moorhen and young on the canal near Hicklin Bridge.

26th July - Swan on the canal near Hicklin Bridge.  I haven't seen any cygnets on the Findern/Willington stretch of the canal this year, have you?

26th July - Family of Jays heard along the canal towpath near the Ballast Hole Pond.

26th July - Tawny owl heard calling to young on the canal towpath near the Ballast Hole Pond.

27th July - Holly Blue butterfly seen on the canal circuit.  Also seen at or near the pool opposite Mercia Marina were: an Essex Skipper butterfly, 2 Little Grebes, 2 broods of Tufted Duck, 2 Linnets and a Reed Bunting. Seen round the pool were 4 species of Dragonfly: Common Blue Damsel Fly (lots including mating pairs and egg laying), a female Emperor Dragonfly laying eggs, a Brown Hawker and a male Black-tailed Skimmer. 

28th July - Kingfisher seen flying along the canal near Hicklin Bridge.

 31st July - 4 well grown cygnets seen on the canal near Hicklin Bridge.












1st August - Yellowhammer seen singing away near Hicklin Bridge and another heard answering.

 3rd August - 2 adult swans and 3 cygnets on the Trent and Mersey canal near the Nadee Restaurant.

3rd August - Reed Warbler and Reed Bunting seen and Green Woodpecker heard at the wet area on Crow Park Way (between the A50 and the Trent and Mersey canal).

3rd August - Common Blue butterfly spotted near the Trent and Mersey canal.

 6th August - 2 adults and 2 very small young Little Grebes seen on Mercia Marina Pond (betwen the Marina itself and the canal).

6th August - Hobby seen over Porters Lane.

6th August - Green Woodpecker seen and heard in Stanhope Wood.

7th August - Gipsywort in flower on the towpath.

11th August - Male Sparrowhawk seen in garden in Sycamore Avenue.

11th August - Tufted duck sitting on the towpath at the water's edge in Willington.

15th August - Fox seen crossing Common Piece Lane by the fork.

19th August - 3 Hares seen running in the field by the fork on Common Piece Lane.




1st September - Little Owl heard in Lower Green.

4th September - Humming Bird Hawk Moth seen on lavender plant in garden Sycamore Avenue.

12th September - Hare seen in field on Priory Way walk.

26th September - Hedgehog seen in Doles Lane.

26th September - Recorded by a bat detector in a garden in Burton Road a Nathusius' Pipistrelle which was recorded as 'single pass with a feeding buzz'. This is very exciting as it is only the 13th recording of this species in the whole of Derbyshire 'ever'!

28th September - Skein of geese seen flying over Hillside.

29th September - 2 Great Spotted Woodpeckers seen in Stanhope Wood.




3rd October - Buzzard seen over Findern.

4th October - Fox seen crossing Heath Lane near Corner Farm.

10th October - Skein of Canada Geese flying over Hillside.

11th October - Sparrowhawk seen in garden Aults Close.

12th October - Great Spotted Woodpecker seen in garden Aults Close.

12th October - Sparrowhawk hunting again Aults Close.

13th October - Sparrowhawk again in Aults Close. Wonder if it's the same sparrowhawk!

14th October - Little Owl heard in Common Piece Lane near the kennels.

15th October - Great Spotted Woodpecker see along the canal towpath near Ballast Hole Pond.

15th October - Yellowhammer seen along the canal towpath near Hicklin Bridge.

20th October - 6 Buzzards seen and heard calling over the village.

20th October - Great Spotted Woodpecker (male) on canal towpath between Nadee and Hicklin's Bridge.

20th October - Grey Wagtail and 5 Pied Wagtails at the Sewage Works near Stanhope Hole Conservation Area.

22nd October - Grey Wagtail and 5 Pied Wagtails again seen at the Sewage Works.

22nd October - Flock of about 10 Fieldfares over Common Piece Lane.

22nd October - Great Spotted Woodpecker in tree looking for bugs in Common Piece Lane.

27th October - 10 pm Tawny Owl heard in Aults Close.

28th October - 2 pm Sparrowhawk in front garden Aults Close eyeing hedge full of very wary sparrows.

29th October - Group members and members of Derbyshire Bat Conservation Group checked and cleaned all our bat boxes. Some of the boxes alongside the Trent and Mersey canal had been used by small birds such as blue tits.

Bat Box Check Results supplied by the Derbyshire Bat Conservation Group

14 boxes were checked, of which 7 had evidence of being used by bats, giving a 50% usage rate – this is very good for saying how scattered the boxes are.

Species using the boxes include brown long-eared, and other small bats which may be pipistrelles or Myotis species (or both). Hard to tell from the droppings.  

Click Here To View Our Bat Box Check Results

Pictured below on the left is a brown long eared bat and on the right soprano pipistrelles in a woodcrete box. Both photographs were taken by Alan Roe of the Derbyshire Bat Conservation Group.





4th November - Kestrel hovering in Stanhope Wood.

6th November - Goldfinches on feeder in garden Sycamore Avenue.

7th November - Sparrowhawk in Aults Close eyeing hedge full of sparrows.

10th November - Flock of starlings near the cemetery Common Piece Lane.

23rd November - Female Pheasant seen near the brook in Common Piece Lane.

24th November - Great Spotted Woodpecker seen in a lime tree in Findern Churchyard.

24th November - Shaggy Ink Caps seen on Cote Close Bank.

29th November - Parasol mushrooms seen in a field at the junction of Common Piece Lane and Crow Park Way.

30th November - Willington Road - several Fieldfares in the field between the railway line and Mercia Marina and a Kestrel hovering over Mercia Marina lake.

 30th November - seen on a circuit round the canal this morning:- Lapwing, Great Spotted Woodpecker, 2 Buzzards, Sparrowhawk, male Bullfinch, flock of about 30 Fieldfares and a flock of about 20 Redwings.





3rd December - Aults Close - Sparrowhawk went for Sparrows on hedge in front garden. 2 attempts witnessed 20 minutes apart - unsuccessful both times.

4th December - Doles Lane, hedgehog in back garden.

4th December - Sparrowhawk seen along the Trent and Mersey canal near the Ballast Hole Pond.

5th December - seen on the Trent and Mersey canal circuit walk:- male Bullfinch near the sewage works and a female Bullfinch in Common Piece Lane, a Buzzard perched on a post near Hicklins Bridge, 3 or 4 Fieldfaire and about 10 Redwings seen in various locations along the route.

10th December - in back garden Aults Close a male Bullfinch, several Chaffinch and several Goldfinch as well as numerous Sparrows and Starlings.

10th December - seen on the Trent and Mersey canal circuit walk - Buzzard perched in a tree Crow Park Way, 3 separate flock of Long Tailed Tits along the canal towpath, approx 40 Redwing in field adj to sewage works, approx 10 Fieldfares, a pair of Bullfinches near the sewage works and another pair near the Nadee restaurant and 2 Mistle Thrushes.

12th December - Buzzard on pylon Hicklins Bridge, about 25 Fieldfares near Hicklins Bridge, approx 20 Redwings and 11 Yellowhammers in field near the playing field, Song Thrush near the A50 underpass. Also seen along the canal circuit 3 Wrens, a male Bullfinch, 2 Treecreepers, about 15 Long Tailed Tits and several Blue Tits.

13th December - Aults Close - Male and female Bullfinch and a Song Thrush eating the berries in Rowan tree.

13th December - 3 Lapwings seen in the cultivated field near the playing field, a pair of Bullfinches seen near Hicklin's Bridge and 3 Buzzards seen near the sewage works.

13th December - Sparrowhawk seen in garden Sycamore Avenue.

14th December - Aults Close - male and female Bullfinch back in the rowan tree again.

14th December - 11+ Yellowhammers seen in the cultivated field near the playing field, a flock of about 100 Fieldfares and Redwings seen feeding along the railway line near Watson's Bridge, a flock of about 100 mixed birds in the hedges surrounding Cardales Meadow, a female Kestrel seen hunting near the sewage works, one Buzzard seen perched near Hicklin's Bridge and another flying around Common Piece Lane.

15th December - Little Egret seen in the brook at the Heatherton end of Bakeacre Lane. It was being stalked by a cat but luckily heard us coming and flew off into the field.

22nd December - Peacock butterfly flying in back garden Aults Close.

28th December - Sparrowhawk seen Stanhope Wood.