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Rights of Way

This is a list of paths in Findern Parish. Each path has been described with comments about the nature of the route. Please note, this is not the Definitive Statement managed by Derbyshire County Council.  

Priory Way
This walk begins behind the church in Lower Green, GR 3092 3043. It takes you past the site of a former priory and then through fields and meadows. The lake at the end is a lovely place for a rest or a picnic. 
This walk can be muddy in winter, please wear stout footwear. There are several stiles along the route.
There may be livestock in the fields. 
 Mill Close/Hawthorn Crescent
This routes begins in Doles Lane next to the Village Stores. It runs in a northerly direction through Hawthorn Crescent, Mill Close and terminates on Porter's Lane
This route leads through what is now a housing estate. Use it to join Airport Way or Little Derby Way for a longer walk! 
Little Derby Way 
This path begins at the top of Porters Lane, GR 3048 3058. The walk is a delightful one through pastureland. The views over Derby towards East Midlands Airport are stunning! 
There are several stiles along this route. There are often animals in the fields. 
 Dash's Way
This short footpath forks in a westerly direction from Airport Way, at GR 307305. It is a useful extension to Airport Way for those wanting a slightly longer walk! 
This walk is sloping and leads through fields to the A38.
Airport Way
This walk begins alongside Tower House, which was formerly a windmill, GR 307305. It takes you through fields towards Toyota UK. In the spring, you may be lucky enough to see newly born lambs. 
This is a flat easy path with two stiles. There is a seat where you can sit and rest and enjoy panoramic views over the surrounding countryside.
Turnpike Way
Join this path in Doles Lane, GR 307512. It is a lovely route through traditional wildflower rich meadows full of hawthorn blossom in the spring. It leads to Wyevale Garden Centre where there is a wonderful tea room! 
This path may be muddy in winter or after rain. There are no stiles to climb but there is  a narrow bridge to cross. There may be animals in the fields.
The Gostilles
This path begins in Longlands Lane, GR 3055 3028. It leads through ancient farmland which has never been ploughed. The ridges in the field pre date the Enclosure Act which was passed in the 18C. Enjoy the splendid views along this route over the Trent Valley.
There are several stiles along this route. There are often cattle in this field. 
 Potlocks Path
This short path begins on Willington Lane, GR 304294. It leads through meadow and pastureland. The canal before you is the Trent & Mersey Canal. If you cross the ancient bridge, you can walk in either direction along the towpath.
There are no stiles along this path. The bridge at the end which crosses the Trent & Mersey Canal has 2 flights of steps.
There are often animals in the fields
Rushymeadow Way
Rushymeadow Way begins in the oldest part of the village, which is behind the church, GR 309304. It leads through meadows towards Heath Lane. As you look to the right, there are glorious views towards Repton. 
The surface in this field is undulating, please take care. There are several stiles in this field. You may encounter animals along this route. 
Crow Park Way
This bridleway begins beside the A50 before leading eastwards alongside the Trent & Mersey Canal and then finishing at Stenson. 
 This is an attractive and popular route alongside the canal.
Please note this path is liable to flood in winter.
 Trent & Mersey canal towpath.
 This is the canal towpath which can be joined in several places. It is a linear path which leads towards Stenson in a westerly direction and towards Willington in the opposite direction. It is busy with boats throughout the year. Why not bring a picnic to enjoy on one of the many seats along this path! 
This path is flat and easy. There is a stone surface. There are no stiles. 
 Porters Lane
This short length of bridle way joins two ends of Porter's Lane starting from from GR 3058 3052. It goes northwards and ends at GR 3057 3056. Perhaps it is part of the old Porters Lane that led from the Longlands to the windmill?
This path connects with both Airport Way and Little Derby Way. This makes a longer walk for the more energetic!
 Crow Park Way
 This short stretch of bridleway begins in Commonpiece Lane before turning towards the A50.
This is short route which is partly surfaced. 
 Crow Park Way
This footpath runs downhill from Commonpiece Lane towards the A50 underpass, before turning left and leading to the canal.
This is a gently sloping route.There is a flight of steps. This an be avoided by walking through Stanhope Wood.
20Baxters WayThis footpath runs along the side of the King George V playing field. It starts at GR 3088 2990 and ends at 3067 2990. It was newly created after the A50 trunk road was built in 1996. It is a useful link to Potlocks Path and the canal towpath. 260mThis path is surfaced and is accessible to pushchairs and wheelchairs.